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Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair Cambridge

If your microwave is broken or damage and need urgent repair, Appliance Repair Cambridge can repair your microwave same day without any extra charges. Our technicians are certified and highly skilled for repairing your commercial or residential microwave. We are known in Cambridge for our quick and reliable services. We provide same day repair services and are also available on weekends.

Common Microwave Issues 

Microwave is not heating
When your microwave does not heats up it may be due to defective or broken Power Diode, High Voltage Capacitor and Magnetron. To replace these parts and make your microwave to get heat up, call Appliance Repair Cambridge for same day repair service.

Microwave is not working
If your microwave is not working or having some issues, Appliance Repair Cambridge can repair it quickly. Most often microwave does not works due to defective fuse and door switch. Our expert technicians are well trained to repair your microwaves immediately.

If you notice sparking in microwave,call us immediate to repair your commercial or residential microwave quickly..

Microwave display not working
When the display of your microwave goes out partially, it may be due to display board fault or main control board fault. To replace or repair display board of your microwave contact Appliance Repair Cambridge anytime.

Making noises
If your microwave is making loud noise you need to call expert technicians team to diagnose and repair issue, call Appliance Repair Hamilton anytime to repair your microwave.

Microwave exhaust fan not working
When thermostat of your microwave is defective, it will not turn on exhaust fan. We can fix or repair exhaust fan of your microwave in Cambridge. You can schedule a repair service for your microwave exhaust fan with us.

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