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Oven Repair Cambridge

Oven Repair Cambridge

Does your Oven/Stove/Range Needs Repair?

QA Appliance Repair Cambridge provides repair services for commercial and residential ovens. If your oven is not working or not heating, call us anytime to repair it immediately. Our technicians are well-trained to repair all brand, makes and models efficiently and quickly. When your oven, it becomes difficult to cook and you feel inconvenient. We can also schedule repair service for your oven according to you.

Common Oven Issues

Oven not turning on

When the igniter of your oven is broken or damaged, your oven will not turn on. Safety valve inside the igniter get defective and damages igniter too. We can fix or repair your oven quickly, call us to repair the igniter of your oven.

Broil Element is not working

If broil element of your oven is not working it may be due to broken wires, terminal damage or broil circuit issues, contact QA Appliance Repair Cambridge to repair your oven’s broil element immediately.

Oven does not bake evenly

When the bake element of your oven burns out or damaged, then broil element will be responsible to heat up the oven. Bake element heats the oven unevenly and you will not be able to bake the food properly. To repair bake element of your oven, contact us anytime in Cambridge.

Not Accurate temperature

Due to fault in temperature sensor your oven igniter weakness many times. This decreases the temperature of the oven suddenly low and suddenly high. It can be fixed by repairing or replacing the temperature of the oven. We can repair the temperature sensor of your oven and makes your oven working again in good condition.

Sparks coming out of range burner

Dirt in switch causes burner sparking and makes risky for you to cook. To repair sparking of burner call QA Appliance repair Cambridge anytime.

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