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Refrigerator Repair Cambridge

Refrigerator Repair Cambridge

Having problems with your refrigerator?

QA Appliance Repair Cambridge provides refrigerator repair services in Cambridge for commercial and home refrigerators. When your refrigerator suddenly stops working it is not cost consuming but also very inconvenient as you are not able to keep your food fresh. There could be several reasons for your refrigerators malfunction. You can call us for same day repair service without any additional charges. We provide 24/7 a day repair services in Cambridge and our technician will reach you within 20 minutes for emergency repair of your refrigerator.

Common Refrigerator Issues

Refrigerator not cooling

When your refrigerator is not cooling it may be due to dirt in condenser coils. These condenser coils dissipate heat, if these coils are dirty it will not dissipate the heat properly and refrigerator will not be able to maintain proper temperature. Another reason could be a failure of the evaporator motor, we can fix or repair your refrigerator. Call us immediately to repair your refrigerator anytime.

Water is leaking from refrigerator

It happens when your defrost drain is frozen or due to leakage in water tank assembly. To repair your refrigerator and fix water leakage contact QA Appliance Repair Cambridge for same day repair.

Making Noisy Sounds

Refrigerators make noise when the evaporator or condenser fan blade is faulty and needs repair or replacement. QA Appliance Repair Cambridge can replace or repair the evaporator of the condenser of your commercial and residential refrigerator.

Refrigerator is not working

If your refrigerator is not working properly or damaged, there could be several reasons. We can diagnose the issue and repair your refrigerator immediately without any extra cost.

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